Friday, 2 December 2011

kitty hope

I haven't really been able to paint anything for about 2 years now, 5 years for any actual "painting".
It kind of just happened and I didn't really notice it was gone until after about 12 months. A couple of months ago I felt like painting something - but not on paper - something else. So I pulled down my Balinese wooden cats from the kitchen cupboard and uncoated them and started painting.

I haven't finished them - just paint a little bit here and there, but at least it's painting, right?

I've decided to call the orange and blue one Kitty Hope. I have to take my glasses off to paint them otherwise I can't see what I'm doing! It's all freehand - no pencil lines. Seems to be the thing I'm doing at the moment. I've also bought a paper mache kangaroo which I have also undercoated, and someone gave me two squashes that have been dried out to paint on as well!

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