Monday, 14 March 2016

May you live in pinteresting times...

This is my page for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge March #1 which invited us to be inspired by a Pinterest picture and create a page from that.

This is my digi page "Life" 2016 based on the above.

I chose this pic from my Pinterest - the flower
arrangement in the rounded white vase.

 Journaling says : "Life is about growth. About moving forward. Learning from mistakes. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it isn't fair."

I couldn't find lettering in my staff or fonts I was happy with, so I cut out the letters from the grass. I didn't have the right flowers to match the photo, so I found things in my stash that were of a similar shape or value and then edited them to fit. One day, someone will make pretty blossom sticks like there are in that photo; in the meantime I will have to improvise!


  1. Looks great Kylie (What a good photo of you!).I imagine DIGI is hander with placement and finding just what you need but this is super cool.

  2. Thank u Julene. The only easy thing is colour matching! (gone are those days for me where I could never quite find the right colour.... grrr)

  3. Aren't you clever! Fab page.

  4. This is such a fun layout - totally unexpected - but absolutely awesome!

  5. Love the way you interpreted the inspiration piece. CLEVER lettering! Happy Easter!


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