Sunday, 6 October 2013

Arabian Love 2013 digi layout

I was really inspired by this photo for some reason, even though my layout did not have any candles in it or had anything to do with a birthday. I loved the colours and all the black! I used 11 letters in my title to match the 11 candles on the cake.

Pixels & Paper Challenge Blog October 2013

my page Arabian Love 2013 for pixels and paper challenge oct 2013
The journalling reads : "I've loved Arabian horses since the early 1980's. I joined the society in 1984 as a silent member and still belong today. I study lineages, and love to paint them, but the biggest thrill was in 1999 when I saw River Oak Imprint IRL (in real life). This is a photo I took of him. OCT 2013"

I really enjoyed doing this page and editing my photo so I could have the horse like this for my page. Will come back later and put the ingredients in. Lots from Far Far Hills. The flowers are from Pickle Berry Pop.

Second to Amir El Shaklan (imp) River Oak Imprint is my next favourite stallion in Australia. I kind of lost a bit of my passion for the Arabian horse after Amir El Shaklan (imp) passed away. He had been around the whole time since I was first interested, and left like he had left a bit of a hole. But I've recently gone back into them, and tripped over a small album with this photo and several others - the only Arabian horse show I've ever been to. Being asthmatic and allergic to horses makes being with them indoors impossible for more than an hour. Even on this occasion I still ended up at Out Patient's - but it was worth it!!!

Ingredients : will populate later.


  1. I was hoping someone would work with just the colours from this inspiration picture and guess what? ... someone did! It's a really striking layout Kylie and River Oak is certainly a magnificent beast! Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hay Kylie....long time no see! I love is so bold and stunning! Can't wait to see more of your work!

  3. Hi Leanne - yes it is long time no speak! Click thru - also have a presence at CSI.

  4. a wonderfully bold and dramatic layout Kylie. Horses are magnificent animals, even though I am a little scared of them.

  5. Very bold lauout, I love that you illuminated tghe word Arabian to look like it was lit by candles from the inspiration photo. Thank you for joining us this month on pixels and paper!

  6. Beautiful horse and a great photo. This is a very dramatic layout. I love how you have managed to illuminate the space behind "Arabian". Looks like candlelight in the background. Thank you for joining us at P & P again this month. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have a great weekend. Cheeers, Di

  7. This ia such a sweet page. I am an Arabian Horse lover my self and they are fantastic too ride. Thank you for sharing with us and joining our challenge at Pixels and Paper in October.


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