Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's an Ad thing...

For years, I'm the kind of person that reads a magazine from cover to cover, including the ads, and quite often, I get more enjoyment out of the ads than the articles! I love the comedy in magazine ads, the trouble gone to layout and colour choice (particularly in magazines like Vogue or House & Garden which seem to have higher standards than the TV Week or Your Garden).

I used to rip out all the ads for movies in magazines and that was my collection of movie posters for years - and must more interesting than the ones you could buy, as every country had their own creative take for magazines.

I will look at an Ad and be inspired, possibly think of ways it could be improved, and love how they 'made me look'. Of course, after a while, I can pick up cheaters - yep, those who have "borrowed" a concept or picture from another ad compaign (not necessarily for the same product, brand or even marketing firm)..

Here are some of my recent and all-time favourites...

Tsar Rugs And Carpets. One of my all time favourites. Was in several magazines over several years. Isn't she gorgeous? This is bold advertising at its best. LOL

Cherry Ripe - It must be love. I only recently saw this add. Don't know what it is about it - perhaps the touchy feely message that makes it special for me. Also, who would think Cherry Ripe needed to advertise?

Velodyne Sub Woofers. Not for cat lovers! Again, this is a recent one. Gets the message across without an ounce of video or actual sound.

LG High Definition Tuner. LOL. This is just so funny to me that I laugh every time I see it. There's lots of creativity in TV adds at the moment.

Ford Reversing Camera. Bold add for a car company - not even featuring a car. Love the message in this. It would have cost a fortune to do this on TV - but I thought this was very punchy.

Brickhomes. I never get sick of seeing this add. One of my favourites - a Scarlet Honeyeater in his "brickhome". It's just perfect. Darn good pic of this ellusive bird too!!

OK, so she looks familiar. I don't know if this will work for Bristol as well as it did for Tsar. Only just saw this ad recently. Not as punchy as the original. I hope this lady made alot of money from the photo shoot!


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