Sunday, 22 July 2018

My kind of Soup Winter July 2018

It's hard to take in such a colourful inspiration in Winter in Australia, but that was my challenge with the Archiscraps July 2018 scrapbooking inspiro. So all I could think of of doing a page that would warm me up; what do I do in Winter that I could use these bold colours on? So, for the first time in my scrapping life, I scrapped about my soup making skills. Its so natural to me, it doesn't normally register as a skill.

But ever since I moved out of home, I've been making my own soup my way, throughout winter. I love pumpkin and sweet potato, and usually add something like cauliflower to make it go a bit further. I dice and slice vegetables and boil them, and then add my dry soup mix which forms a base, together with Paprika. I never use soup mixes like cup a soup or anything with croutons or strong flavours like asian or chilli. They are usually just too concentrated or have too much added salt or sugar for me.

I loved placing this bold colours together on my page, and for the first time ever, taking stage photos of my soup making process!

my kind of soup - july 2018 - digi scrapbooking layout Archiscraps 
Archscraps July 2018 inspiration

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Country Girl Jun 2018

Although I loved the inspiration painting for the June 2018 Artastic challenge I struggled to balance the colours on my page effectively. Still not happy with it after hours of trying!

But, its still a page!

Country Girl Jun 2018 Artastic digi scrapbooking layout

Artastic June 2018

Seal of approval Jun 2018

When I paint, I really don't think much about why I'm painting what I'm painting, why I've decided on that topic, why I've decided to paint it in that way instead of the like the inspiration scene or photo. But when I finish it feels right and exactly what I was looking for. So this is what I did my page on - my recent artwork and the photos that inspired them. I even shocked myself how different they are!

CSI #255 challenge
The dreamy colours for the CSI #255 were hard to ignore. I just had to do a page with them! To follow the inspiration I also used a seal, cupcakes (instead of donuts), bows, and clouds like the swirls on the girl's dress.

CSI #255 scrapbooking challenge

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Beat That! May 2018

I really found this challenge challenging from ArchiScraps this month. Nothing came to mind until like 3 days before the end of the month, so naturally, I just ran out of time to get it in. But I still created this page inspired by my cousinette Olive. Both her sister Violet and Olive are pocket rocket skiiers, so I needed a page that reflected this plus Olive's big win against the boys which she was so proud of.

Beat That - May 2018 digi scrapbooking layout Archiscraps 'cork'

Archiscraps May 2018 inspiration

Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Young Lady May 2018

It's been a while since I scrapped one of my cousinettes, even though there are plenty of photos of them growing up (in the USA). So, here is a page featuring Vi (Violet) and how much she's grown over such a short period of time. It seems like only yesterday she was born!

I really liked the Artastic challenge, but wanted to try and not go overboard with flowers, but find some that fitted Violet and her amazing life so far. Really happy with the result; clean cut and minimal.

The Young Lady - Artastic May 2018 digi scrapbooking layout

INGREDIENTS: [Sarahh Graphics Sunday with Grandma - Greenery3 (bleeding heart), Greenery 4 (tuber-rose)],[ Indigo Designs Simply Beautiful Element 11 (pussy willow branch), element 7 (blue flowers), Element 19 (bead)], JasO CU Flowers Vol 9 Lily of the Valley,  Geld Scraped Brushes no 10 (paint splash), Fayettes Designs Time 4 Dreams Ribbon, etc

Artastic May 2018 inspiration piece


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