Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Another New Year...

Yes, its another new year - year 2018. But before I think too much about this new year, I reflect on the old one - my Christmas break from work and spending time with family.

That's why the CSI challenge #245 with its interesting colours had to be a Christmas page for me. I used the colours, and the houses inspired me to do a christmas page with all my family on it, as we were all under one roof; something which generally only occurs at christmas.

Bird Break Jan 2018 - CSI challenge #245

Every year I take either a group photo or individual photos of us doing a similar thing. I also try and get a formal photo and a silly one too. Then I can use these in scrapbooking or to give the other members of my family so they have something of that Christmas.

I will come back and put the ingredients in.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Yoga Love Nov 2017

It's so nice to have a challenge that isn't all bright colours, but natural colours of the earth. Browns, greens, greys, and white. So that's really why I loved CSI's challenge # 242 and the challenge of doing a page about something I love. Of course, there are lots of things I love, but I question my love of yoga, whereas I never question my other loves. So that's what I did my page on.

Yoga Love Nov 2017 - CSI #242 digi scrapbooking page

Testimony: something you love, Evidence: ruler/measuring tape, bird, flowers/leaves, buttons, text pattern, stamp, letter stamps, string/ribbon, fussy cut, clip/clothespin, textured paper. Scheme - colours - yes.
CSI #242 challenge

Ingredients: will return some time and put them in!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Tied Up In Knots Oct 2017

The October Challenge at Archi-Scraps was seriously challenging. I loved the crazy brick chimney. I pulled the colours from the inspiration, included brickwork and used the double-meaning of the 'knots' in both cord and ribbon knots on the page, but also in my journalling, because I am massaging out alot of knots the past two weeks in my legs and arms!

Tied Up In Knots - digi scrapbooking page - Archi-Scraps Oct 2017 'knots'
Archi_scraps Oct 2017 inspiration

Monday, 23 October 2017

Who is the most talented person I know? Oct 2017

I love love loved the pretty CSI palette for #240 so I really wanted to do a page - and probably in the shabby chic genre. Of the questions in the inspiration, no 20 stuck out the most to me - 'Who is the most talented person I know?' really made me think. My Dad is good at wood turning. Mum is good at general cooking. My cousin is a professional artist. But what do I consider talent?

So I put this page together about my Nan because one of the main reasons why I liked her was she was so good at so many things - and really really good. Many of which I was no good at! And although she is no longer living, the things she made are still here - her crochet'd rugs, furniture, and things she owned like this cake tin, which remind me of her.

Talented Person - Oct 2017 digi layout - CSI #240

CSI #240 challenge
i will come back and put the ingredients in.

The Scheme - yes
Testimony : October Prompt no 20, decorate your journal 'spot'
Evidence: polka dots, stripes, strawberry, heart, cake, butterfly, flowers, ric rac, texture paste (white), pleating, something dangling (butterfly pendant), pearls, stamp, sprinkle something (beads)

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Blue Shirt October 2017

This might seem a silly page to some, but in my fitness journey this was the second biggest challenge I have come across. My fitness group awards T-Shirts for how many sessions you have completed as a type of encouragement. The first eight or so are white shirts with a coloured band. THe next eight are blue shirts with a coloured band.

Now, all the people in the group I know with a blue shirt are the really fit looking ones - those that do all the cardio sessions (running, boxing, etc) and often do marathons or runs outside of the group.

So when I realised I was due for a blue shirt (having completed 300 sessions) I freaked out. I wasn't at that level and didn't look like the others that had blue shirts to me (not realising that for many of them they had worked much slower and done less sessions per week).

So this page is all about the 'blue shirt'. Yes, it is an achievement also, but most of it was me dealing with my internal thought processes and making it ok to wear this blue shirt.

It's All About The Blue Shirt - Oct 2017 digi scrapbooking layout
I may come back and put ingredients in.

I almost feel ok and almost proud now to get to this level in my training.


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