Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sparrow moment and Kraft+ #3 July 2016

I had a sparrow moment yesterday driving to work. We had had rain overnight/into the morning and a bit of foggy brrr start to the morning, but nothing like the last 2 weeks which have been very cold and frosty all day. I drove down the side street (which is an industrial area) and on my left was a car parked that had been there all night - because all the road was wet but under that car it was dry, and the car itself was beaded with dew and its windows fogged in. Well, underneath that car there were about 50 sparrows sitting there and using that darn car as a giant umbrella. As I drove by, one or two shuffled out and back in, but in general no one moved an inch! It was quite a sight.

I decided to try another new challenge site this month and challenge my brain in new ways. The idea of having to use a Kraft background hasn't really occurred for me since my early comp days a few years ago, when Kraft board was so popular I was buying it by the 50 sheet pack.

Actually it was challenging. http://kraftpluschallenges.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/july-challenge-kraftboard-3-sheet-music.html
But in the end I rather enjoyed it; I loved the photos of inspiration; particularly those blush colours in the bouquet and the soft greens in the cake, and trying to incorporate sheet music into the layout without overpowering it.

Serenity digi layout July 2016 Kraft+

will come back later and put ingredients in.


  1. That's DIGI??? I thought it was a trad page! WOW! Loooove those music 'leaves' - they look brilliant....& Kraft is such fun to use as a bg I reckon! So happy to have you challenging yourself and joining us at K+ this month Kylie!!!

  2. Wow, I have to confess I'm in awe of the digital layouts...this is brilliant! Great that you've joined us over @ Kraft+, hopefully you will again :)


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