Saturday, 6 February 2016

What I do with leftover alphas letters in scrapbooking

As a scrapper who loves Alpha I always come up the problem of running out of E's or O's before anything else and always being down to a handful of letters in some packs, which appear hopeless and will never get used. However, there's a way around everything!

This is what I used to do to get around that :

* Use one lone letter as the first letter of a title word (and other letters thereafter) ie Example A - A Bit of Blue
* Use 2 different letter packs for two words of a title rather than try and use the same pack for a 2 word title ie Example A A Bit of Blue, Example B Daddy's Girl
* Use number one's as i's or l's and visa versa (or zero's as O's and O's as zero's - it's really not that noticeable) ie Example A Bit of Blue
* Use left over letters (or reuse letters over and over) by sitting them down on the page and spraying or painting over them, then lift them off and re-use at a later stage (example C has black chalk ink over the top) ie Example C Nature Sings
* Trace around letters on the page, then remove them!
* Only use fancy alpha for the start of every paragraph and handwrite or doodle the rest - Example D Tattoos of Memories (my title is also the last line of the journaling which down plays it on the page)
* Use leftover alpha packs to create a page of journaling. They stand out less in a crowd! - Example E I Remember When
* Put your mixed letters down and then draw circles or squares around them and colour them in to make them appear uniform, when in actual fact they are not - Example F Zing
* Use shorter titles rather than the whole alpha soup
* Find a word starting with the letter you get stuck with most and get it out on the page
*  Use full word stickers in your journaling ie "remember" - this takes away 8 letter alpha that you need to take from an alpha kit - Example E I Remember When
* Use stamping letters - you have them forever and in any colour you can get an ink pad in - Example G Freedom - used stamping for the journaling which was words from a song

Example A - A Bit of Blue 2011

Example B - Daddy's Girl 2011

Example C - Nature Sings 2011

Example D - Tattoos of Memories 2011

Example E - I remember when 2010

Example F - Zing 2012
Example G - Freedom 2011


  1. Fantastic ideas there Kylie.Thanks for these. I've added this to "my favourites". I love your falcon washing page.

  2. Thanks Julene. Dad really loved that car. It did alot of family trips!


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