Tuesday, 27 March 2018

George's Almond Tree Mar 2018

I've decided to get back on track and record in my digi scrapbooking things that I am doing / have done recently and things I feel good about. So for the CSI #250 challenge I was reminded of this painting (because of the child doing a painting in the house) that is in my family by George Whinnen called Almond Tree at Tea Tree Gully (hence the title of my page) and talk about my research of Mr Whinnen and my attempts to copy this painting myself and another by a family member to learn more about their techniques.

The text says :  "This painting of George Whinnen 'Almond Tree at Tea Tree Gully' has been with my Auntie Ros for as long as I can remember. I recall it on her formal dining room wall at her 'new' house at Horsham Vicotria in the 1980's and now it hangs in her lounge room at Kingsgate in Melbourne. My grandmother inherited it from her arist sister, Lil Dunn after she died. George Whinnen, an Australian artist is more famous for his flower still life paintings - but I adore this rather small landscape! I took a photo of it in 2016 and have attempted to copy it (albeit with acrylics instead of oils and on a bigger canvas). I has taught me a great deal about sky work, even though I still haven't finished that painting. For me the painting shouts "early spring" and the shadows remind me of SPring Frost with the cows in it. I did a little research on almond trees and found that this is probably the Spanish bitter almond which would have had pale pink flowers and at a distance and in certain light can look mauve, because the almond trees I grew up with all had white flowers. MAR 2018"

George's Almond Tree Mar 2018 digi scrapbooking CSI #250

CSI case file #250

woo hoo. TY team and George too.


  1. Great layout, you have used the colours so well. Thanks for joining us at CSI.

  2. Very interesting story , a true artist !TFS at CSI !


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