Saturday, 17 February 2018

Ode to ABBA Feb 2018 digi scrapbooking layout

Kraft Plus One's Feb 2018 challenge was challenging for me; I had no real nostalgia to draw from except some dim memories during primary school of some of my friend's mum's or teachers into something called 'ABBA' which I didn't even register was a band. Some had seen them in person, others treasured their records (yes - records!). The music I do recall from that time was Nana Mouskouri, Elvis Presley, and my Mum's love of Neil Diamond, Charlie Pride and other people I didn't really know or care for. I didn't really 'get' music of this kind. I secretly played my Mum and Dad's three Reader's Digest classical music cassette tapes over and over again in my room.

Sure, I could have picked ABBA out of a line up, but I as a primary school kid  I wasn't interested in that kind of music - just got used to hearing them on the radio for the next ten or so years.

So I didn't really find an appreciate of ABBA music until I bought the ABBA Gold album on CD just a few years ago, to play in my car. I had already 'discovered' The Seekers and Simon and Garfunkel, and I didn't realise how similar themed ABBA music was, and how unique their sound and their story was.

So when this challenge came up, I researched their albums (most of which I've never seen) and based my page on their costumes from the album cover of Waterloo which was so bizarre to my more modern eyes and very scrapbookable! I used a textured kraft patterned paper in behind.

So here is my Ode To ABBA.

Ode to ABBA Feb 2018 digi layout - Kraft Plus One challenge

Kraft Plus One feb 2018 challenge
Hopefully the die-hard ABBA fans approve!


  1. This looks amazing, fabulous design and so glad you discovered ABBA as I love their music! Thanks for joining in with Kraft+ this month..

  2. Not a die hard fan but I do love a couple of their songs!
    LOVE how you used the elements to make a background! :D

  3. Always love your interpretations and Digi work Kylie. Love where you got your inspiration from. Looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing with us at Kraft+

  4. I love your story behind this! Your comments sent me googling the Waterloo cover. Oh my goodness - you nailed the fashions! Thanks for joining in the Abba fun at Kraft+.

  5. You always manage to create something out of the ordinary Kylie and this is no exception. An inspired take on the challenge. Thanks for joining us at Kraft+


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