Friday, 26 January 2018

Gilfillan Mystery Jan 2018

OK. That challenge from CSI was very challenging! It looked way easy, but i found it hard to contruct my page. Mainly because of my lack of resources in my stash; no cat, no playing cards, and no alice in wonderland style characters. Darn!

This page is about a post card I have had for about 20 years which I bought for 20 cents at a market. It was a weird kind of post card - it clearly has 'post card' on the back and looks old, but there is no description on the front or back, save a stamped name and address, which is probably the photographer. Is this the photographer's house? Or a client's house?

I used the page and style of the challenge to show how I went about investigating this post card further, what I discovered, and how I know a little more, but still not enough.

I used Harry Potter style shoe prints to get from 'step' to 'step' and tried to capture the feel of the inspiration from CSI. I wonder 'why' too many times a day, and this is one of those.

Gilfillan Mystery Jan 2018 - CSI #246

Item one : "I got this post card at a market years ago. I loved the spooky feel, and the white dog at the front door. I never knew anything more about it. But I kept it."

Item two: "At Christmas I decided to find out what I could about it and how old it is. There was this 'stamped' address on the back - G Gilfillan, 49 Lawrence Street, Glasglow' "

Item three :  "I went to Google Maps and typed in the address. However, there is a huge block of buildings at that address now, unlike the postcard house."

"Item four : "I tried the Gilfillan surname - and I discovered a number of Gilfillan photographers from early 1800's to 1900's in Scotland. But the only 'G Gilfillan'  I could find was Rev George Gilfillan a poet and writer. I suspect my 'Gilfillan' must be one of the descendants of the photographers. But is my post card before 1850 or after it?"

"Item five : although the addresses do not match, it could still be a photograph by a descent or pre-decessor. But is this the house of Gilfillan, or a client's house?"

"Item six : I did discovered there were lots of photographers in Scotland and England in the early Victorian era. The same name was also established in the USA with a judge, and a massacre of that name."

"Item seven : I always thought the white dog was waiting for its master, but after scanning the picture into the computer I realised there is a figure standing behind the dog in the shadows. So both are only watching the photographer."

Item eight : "I don't know if I'll ever know the truth... but I still love my post card!"

CSI challenge - #248
Solve this case : I was inspired by the colours, the items, the arrangement of the items, and that old-world feel.

I won joint Star Witness for this page Jan 2018. woo hoo!


  1. Oooooohhh how intriguing - I love a mystery! Also love how you've solved the case Kylie, it captures the feel of the inspiration image with the colours, the arrangement and the random items and reflects your constant curiosity - perfect :o)

  2. Wow, what a story Kylie. So much mystery behind the card. I love the steps, and how they lead from one thing to another, to try to solve that mystery. Thanks for joining us at CSI.

  3. Oh, wow! This is so, so cool, Kylie! I just love how your mind works. Really awesome how you told the story through images and words!

  4. Such a cool and fun layout! Really like the use of the steps to follow your story! Thanks for joining us at CSI!

  5. Great story & love how you've used the steps to show your progress through the investigation! Thanks for joining us over at CSI!


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