Thursday, 10 August 2017

Painting landscapes

I suppose landscapes haven't really been my forte over the years. I preferred animals or flowers, but the further I venture into art in my middle years I have realised how much I really do admire artists who painted only landscapes and how many times I see landscapes and think 'I wish I could paint that'.

In 2015 I painted my first real landscape painting 'Billabong Wonga Wetlands' which is a local area which is rich in bird life - recycled farm land. Because I spend a great deal of time there bird watching and discovered all kinds of rarities there, to me it is a special place, and I find that I can paint better having some kind of connection. Also, this painting was the first I did onsite for a very long time. The Billabong itself is often home to tortoises, carp, Kingfishers, Darters, and various honeyeaters in the trees overhead. The water is a brown colour, but on good days the sky and scenery does reflect down into the waters. Although the painting could have been worked a little more, I really like it as it captured the day I was there so well.

049 'Billabong Wonga Wetlands' 2015 acrylic on canvas

It wasn't until 'Three Brothers' that I felt that each tree has its own personality and connection with the land. This scene, from a photo I took at Tumut, these massive gum trees relatively close together felt like they were related and connected together somehow. I loved their gnarly branches and bark and the colours of the afternoon light. It was hard to paint, and took almost 2 months to complete.  Although each tree was different (the one to the right looked like it had even been struck by lightning at one time), at first glance they look similar, its not until I looked more closely that I could see how different they were in shape and experiences.
126 'Three Brothers' 2015 acrylic on canvas
 I did this sketch of a misty forest at a Lookout near Pambula, NSW. It reminds me of a painting that plagued my childhood as it was pasted on a door at my primary school - one of Hans Heysen I think, which was probably much faded. One day, I would like to make a proper painting like this that shows that mysterious quality of a thick forest lost in fog. You kind of get the feel for it below.
'Misty Forest sketch' 2012

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Baby Boy Card Aug 2017

I think I've only ever done one baby boy card before and it was mega traditional, so I thought about it for a long time and then came up with this card for the Cardz4Guys challenge. I suppose I channeled what all my friends tell me, wishing baby could arrive well short of those long 9 months.

OK, it is a bit different. But I'm really enjoying giving my take on cards a more creative spin!

Baby boy card Aug 2017 digi Cardz4Guys challenge
I will come back and put ingredients in.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Somewhere Aug 2017

The August 2017 Artastic challenge with the information on artist Joshua Miels really inspired me to put together this page. I really love the ice blue with the blacks and white but not sure if I've ever done it justice before, so I didn't go looking for another colour but stuck to the ice blue. I loved the mirror image of the painting, and used it to show the reflection of the past versus myself now.

I had a whole mess of fun pulling pieces together from different collections to get the balance just right to keep that paintery graphic effect yet at the same time that organic feel which I love when I get it right (or what I think feels right!).

Somewhere Aug 2017 - digi scrapbooking layout

Artastic August 2017 challenge black, white +1 colour

ingredients :
Basic Grey Digital Euphoria Textures - Texture 1 (daisies), Cilenia Curtis Art Box 13 - B1-2b (splashes with butterfly), ADS Fall Fantasy Border 5 (leaves), Basic Grey Digital Stella Ruby Flourishes STE - Flourish 4, Far Far Hills Vintage Style Ornaments Elements 0010 (3D scroll with flower),  Far Far Hills Vintage Ornaments Kit 0017 (black flower with swirls),  Fayette Designs Happy Faces E1 Background Scatter 2 (swirls/circles/paint splats), Cilenia Curtis Inklings 2 - Florals no 2 (thistle), TD Capture The Moment Element 13 (blue and white butterflies),  L Grier Disasterspace no 1 - Paintstroke 1, Fonts Stencil and AlwaysForever, journaling text : century gothic


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