Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Art Fix April 2017

You have probably already guessed that I LOVE DIGI SCRAPBOOKING. If not, now you know! Its the creativity outlet I'm doing when I'm not doing creativity in IRL. It's my stop-gap, my go-to and my feel-good when rubbing two sticks together makes nothing but mud or nothing at all IRL.

So when I saw the question in the 365 questions inspiration for the CSI #228 challenge, I knew exactly what that question meant to me and what the answer was.

CSI #228 challenge my page - Art Fix April 2017 digi scrapbooking

How I solved the case : Testimony : April questions, Write on an Artisan Shaped Label, Evidence: solid background, chevrons, arabesque shape, frames (not only the artisan but also the text forms a frame to the layout), monogram, architectural (house), flowers, silver metal (arabesque and bolts etc), transparent stuff (I made the jar inners transparent so it looks like those butterflies are inside the jars), jars, puffy sticker (rabbit).

I really love love loved the silver in this challenge. It rarely comes up in colour challenges. I also loved the artisan shape which I turned into both my monograms and frame for my picture rather than use it for journaling.

Whee. That was so much fun! Thank you CSI!


  1. I love the whimsy of your page, Kylie, and how you added the journaling to frame your page. Love those jars and how all those silver elements seem to be floating out of them!

    1. I love how you see my tiniest detailing when others just see a page. THank u debbi.


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