Monday, 8 August 2016

Coming out of Winter.. eventually August 2016

Are we coming out of winter any time soon? It doesn't really feel like it yet. So, I'll just have to make do with digi scrapbooking for the bright, warm colours! That's why I liked this challenge at ARTastic so much for August. It also reminded me somewhat of the mad colour world of Clarice Cliffe so I went a bit wild with it! Will come back and put some ingredients in, after I've had a rest.

I think alot the challenges I do sublimially connect with me. Like the swing in this one - my favourite pasttime as a youngster. Forever nagging mum to take us to a park with a good swing. And the Victorian style dresses reminded me of dressing up!

I used three photos taken of me dressing up in Mum's clothes (possibly all from the 1960's.) I used to like the silver shoes particularly - they felt like cinderella's slippers, even though they were big for me. I also used to 'play' with mum's jewellery, but I mainly liked to feel the textures; the hard cameos, the smooth cold plastic long necklaces, and the chunky chains.

Dress up 2016 digi ARTastic August 2016 entry
and the inspiration looked like this :


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