Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Sacred Kingfisher ARTastic June 2016

When I first saw this inspiration I really didn't think I could do anything with it. Black, white and one other colour? If I changed a photo to black and white, that reduced the colour in the whole layout. If I left the photo in colour - then that added too many colours to counter the challenge. Eventually I decided on spotlighting just the bird in the photo an turning the background to a high contrast black and white. That seemed to work.

I went for the orange in the bird rather than the blue. I use blue all the time. I wanted to make it a bit more challenging for myself.

I'm really happy with the results!

I love bird watching, and although the Sacred Kingfisher is not endangered, its not a normal backyard bird. It prefers creek beds or rivers and nests in the banks. Its a tiny bird and difficult to see when its darker back is turned towards you (because it blends in with the clay bank or branches). I usually here the tiny 'plink' noise first; the sound of the bird going down to the water either for a drink or a quick go at an insect. It does just the one and then goes back to its perch. Then it waits and does it again. There can be days where I spend half an hour waiting to spot one that I never find, whereas other days I spot them over and over again.

Sacred Kingfisher June 2016 digi layout

ARTastic inspiration JUNE 2016 - black and white plus one colour

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Walking into the Past 2016

Since I've had more freedom in my life I've found I really enjoy going to older parts of Albury or Wodonga and walking around and looking at the older homes, streets and plants. I am being more and more adventurous and seeing parts of the towns that I never knew existed.

One of my favourite areas is in Albury near the Albury High School. Classically laid out blocks intersewn with more modern additions like mini roundabouts to stop hooning, some places flattened for flats, but on the whole, a good mix of each decade from 1900's onwards. Sometimes I imagine what I would do if I owned that house; what I would change, how I would tie the garden into the style of the house. Its a great excuse for going for a walk.

The last time I went there (last weekend) I took my camera, and took some photos of the amazing houses and the trees. So that is what I decided to scrap on the Archiscraps June 2016 diamond challenge. I also did a card, and came up with my own wording.
Walking into the past 2016 digi page
Archiscraps June 2016

Archiscraps June 2016 inspiration - colour pallette and diamonds

Diamonds Card June 2016 digi

Will come back later and pop ingredients in.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Winter Twitch 2016 digi layout

I am really excited to finally find time to scrap some of my Melbourne trip a few weekends ago. That said, I was even more excited to see that Challenge no 3 for the Counterfeit kit challenge for June 2016 was also about using the oldest item or kit in your stash and using it a new way.

This really make me think, and took me back to one of my very first digi kits, which at the time, I thought was wonderful. It had odd bits that were difficult to use, birds that looked insane, and patterned paper that today I would like the look of, but the textures incorporated and the quality is far from where digital scrapbooking has moved to since. I do use parts of the kit now and then (usually te stamp like frames and ribbon!), but even from when I bought it I struggled to use it.

Using my today self and skills to turn the pieces into something I could really work with I found amazing!! I hope to use these pieces over and over again now.

Winter Twitch Jun 2016 - Counterfeit No 3 - digi page using Love Bird Kit

Dee Bee Designs - Love Birds - one of my very first digi kits. Papers below.

I used this kit again for inspiration - but mainly focused on the flower clump
on the white page near the navy patterned paper - the pink, yellow, blue, dark blue and turquoise

will come back later and put ingredients in.

Monday, 13 June 2016

St Stephens Church Williamstown 2016

I visited St Stephens Church in Williamstown about a month ago, because I requested to see some stained glass windows; and wow; wasn't disappointed. The site was brimming with history and included an older wooden slat church still on the site.

When I saw the Forgeries on the Fourth for June 2016 I thought, 'how the heck am I going to make a page about the church (traditional / stained glass window feel) with THAT kit.' But hey, eventually you can make anything happen! I just left off all that pink (its not something you see alot of in stained glass windows).

The older church just happened to be the almost turquoise green colour in the kit, so although I changed the picture of it to black and white (to give the impression of its age) I added the colour to my timber patterned paper in the background.

I'm really happy with how this page turned out. I also used the silhouette tutorial to create my swirls with a different background paper, and white edged the leaves and flowers I used.

Will come back and put the ingredients in.

'St Stephen's' digi layout - Forgeries on the Fourth - June 2016

this was the June 2016 kit inspiration - i liked the dark navy paper,
the turquoise green colours, the lettering and the rich red colour
and this.. I used the Happy style in my 'church' title

and this tutorial... I used to create the swirls behind the flowers
And this techique I used to create my flowers and leaves with a
white edge.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Auntie Edna.. goodbye

My Auntie Edna passed away on Monday 30th May 2016 aged 95. She was born in 1920, the youngest of seven children. I had shared many moments with her over the years; lots of Christmas's and my 21st birthday party, and visited her at her home many, many times. We exchanged succulents for a time, I got a seedling from her Hoya to grow (she had an amazing one on her front porch), and I shared many of my Nan (my grandmother / her sister) experiences with her as she and I were her main visitors in the last part of her life.

I think Auntie Edna would have enjoyed the funeral, particularly when her beloved Andy Williams tracks were played and seeing all her family and friends come together.

Haven't been able to think of much else these past few weeks, so when a Challenge came up that included softness and flowers, I had to a page on my Auntie Edna.

Edna 2016 digi page - Counterfeit Kit Challenge No 1 - Inspiration Board

and the Inspiration Board that inspired this page
(particularly top left and bottom left):
Background paper : Aida Domisiewicz Frosted Life Cold Wall 13@arts (made in Poland)

Flowers : Far Far Hill Freebies Vintage Scans Illustrations Flowers and Butterflies : 0037 (pansies), Far Far Hill Vintage Illustration kit Roses 005 (orange rose), Far Far Hills Vintage Illustration Freebies 007 (sweet peas), Far Far Hill For You 009 (purple and white flowers), Far Far Hills Feast Love Skimersan 002 (other orange rose) Lara’s Digital World - For Lara - Flower2 & 3 (white rose), Far Far Hill Nocturne el8 (red flower)

Paint splatters: Lgrier Disasterspace no 1 - Paintstrokes no 1 and no 3

Frame: Kimeric Sis Frame 1

Silver Heart: Indigo Designs - Always in my Heart elements no 17

Ribbon : Far Far Hills Feast Love Skimersan 0013

Fonts: Broadway (title) & Baskerville Old Face (text)


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