Sunday, 4 October 2015

October with Footy, bacon and a dogs butt

Although I have watched very little football (AFL) on TV this year, and I strongly suspected that no team could beat my personal least favourite team of Hawthorn, I still got to drive up and get a few necessities like everyone else did on the Saturday morning prior to the game being televised.

At the supermarket, as I was buying rare celebrative bacon for a special breakfast the next morning (2 short cut), I could hear a father and about four small children behind me in the bakery/meat area. The father said "You can have anything you like for lunch - but not donuts!". There was much whining and disappointment. I thought it was a classic child moment.

As I walked to the bakery, I watched as a woman walked her little poodle cross across the road on a lead out in front of her. As soon as they reached half way, the little dog suddenly sat on the road and reached around to chew its butt. There was traffic about - but all 40 kms, but the woman suddenly screeched and shook the lead, and the dog reluctantly moved onward very quickly, nearly tripping up in its own feet.

As I moved to the fruit store I realised that there were about 40 panel vans of various years, very shiny, throughout the car park, and several people standing around with the same T shirts. In the back of one of the vans a couple appeared passed out in the back asleep. At first I thought it must be some kind of car show or demonstration (even though that public car park had never had anything like that before), but later I realised that they must have been there for a pit stop at the bakery, on their way to elsewhere. Taking up that many spaces made it difficult for anyone else to get a park to shop.

Suddenly a police car did a circuit of all the cars and stopped to talk to someone. The police station is just across the road from the car park.

After I came out of the fruit store, all the vehicles had gone except for one - so they were obviously on their way somewhere else.

Anyone who came later than 9am wouldn't even have known they had been there!

Daylight saving occurred on that Sunday without a hitch for me. I was already in the zone. October is the month I always forget exists, so its nice to have four extra weeks before I start to slip into Christmas.

I sold this painting at the end of
September 2015 - Camellias and May - the purchaser rang
me up on the phone to say how much she liked it.

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