Monday, 15 June 2015

Jumping for June

Flower Power Doodle 2015 - one of the A4 ones. This
is so relaxing to create. Really enjoy it.
I'm still doing Yoga once a week and really enjoying it. It's nothing like I thought it would be. I've never felt my body so relaxed before ever in my life. And I can feel muscles that I didn't even know existed. I'm practising things at home I've had difficultly doing in session, and that seems to help, though can be challenging initially. I'm tired mentally from Yoga, though not always physically. Trying to find the brain cell in my head that controls the string to move a particularly muscle or do a particular thing is very tiring. I hear myself say "I can't do that" and don't always give it a go, until I get home, and then find I can do it straight away. Darn it. I haven't seen so much of the floor ever before.

Painting is still going well, and I sold another painting already this month (that's three this year), as well as several cards of my work this year. I'm averaging selling about 2 cards per month, though I can sell up to 4 cards in 1 month. There is no rhyme or reason to what sells, except that the birds/animals and my weirder ones sell better than just landscapes or still lifes (go figure!) but not when I offer them as originals for peoples walls. Flowers on cards seem to be just as popular as animals or birds.

I'm also still adios'ing my scrapbooking supplies out the door into packets and bits and taking them to a local money raising scheme for Ovarian Cancer. I got a hug last week from a lady who bought one of my lots for $70 towards the charity, just as I walked in and I wondered who the heck she was. Apparently someone who has just got into card making! I've still got a way to go, but at least I'm starting to get empty containers now. I desperately need the space in the shelving for my artwork related stuff.

I have started to create a series of doodle works after seeing a site CSI scrapbooking site Debbi recommended on creating your own Mandalas from the centre out (just my making it up whatever is in your head). Sometimes I just crave for detail, and this is filling this gap very well. I've created about four pieces A4 size, and three pieces A5 card size. Will try and scan some and use them as cards and see if they sell. All my card raising money goes into a little star shaped piggie bank, and when I need paint, I empty it out and take that money with me. It all helps. A card is $3, and a tube of paint is $8.

I've got the charity auction for Headspace for the Van Gogh works coming up at the end of July - I've volunteered to work on the door. I've already put in some leave around that, as its going to be full on and a late night.

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