Saturday, 21 March 2015

I picked up Jesus today...

The month has flown by; work has been hectic and full on, and I've struggled to maintain an healthy balance. Work 80% home 20% - just not good enough. Have a long weekend this weekend to try and get it back to 50-50.

I participated in a fun walk at work this week - a first for me - never been in a public walk or run before, and certainly never done a proper warm up before (the local fitness centre came and directed us on that). The walk was 3 kilometres and though I bought up the rear of 12 people, I didn't mind; I was so glad to be out there (at midday on a day of 34), talking and walking (for the first time also), and enjoying my work's grounds and the university next door which I haven't been to for about 6 years. I got round without dying, and though I was a little red in the face, I ate my complimentary fruit and water, talked to others, and then did a quick change in the toilets and went back to my office for the afternoon. Sure, it took 1 hour to recover, but I did.

This morning I was determined to walk further than I have been in the mornings - seeing I did that 3 kilometre walk at a hotter part of the day, and still pulled up afterwards and wasn't sore at all. So this morning, I walked down along the creek to Yarralumla Drive, back round onto my road. It took 35 minutes. And I was totally fine; sure my leg muscles are a bit stiff, but walking at 8am is much cooler and easier. I just need to learn how to walk faster - I am a bit slow at the pace I've set for rhythym - which I had none of when I started October last year.

When I got back, I pulled out the mail from my front neighbours (mormon church) as their delegates are taking a break and no one has been in their for six weeks now. I was about to step up onto my verandah, when I saw Jesus on the cement. They have had a painting picture on cardboard on their front door ever since they leased the unit in the front, stuck with bluetak, but Jesus has blown off after the weather. I picked him up, and put him between their wire door and front door and shut the wire door firmly.

When I got inside my place I thought, wow, besides everything else I've done this week and this morning, I always picked up Jesus.


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