Sunday, 27 April 2014

morning walk dressing gown saga

I went for a walk yesterday morning even though I didn't really feel like it, and it was quite late for me at 8:00am. It wasn't a frosty night - quite mild, and walking was good going with the sun out.

At least six times I caught someone out in their dressing gown either getting their newspaper off their lawn, or mail out of their mailbox! I kid you not. Normally, I wouldn't catch anyone in their dressing gown even at 6:00am.

One poor lady was so embarrassed I think she wanted to turn into a tree - she was elderly and only had on her nightdress! She practically ran to her front door covering herself in her mail as much as she could.

One gentleman came out of his place carrying his paper under his arm, walked in front of me, and went next door and picked up the rolled up paper on his neighbour's lawn, and took it to their front door. How nice!

One woman in fluffy slippers was waving goodbye two young people in a P plated ute.

It was an odd sight to see so many in the same morning. Maybe being a Saturday after a Friday public holiday had something to do with it.

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