Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Morning 2014

I had a terrible night's sleep after (what I believe to be a ring tail possum) scratched and scraped in the wall most of the night from about 1am. Sometimes banging the wall helps, but I can't stay up and do that all night. I intend to get him back today and bang the wall whilst he is asleep and see how he likes it!

I went for my morning walk after the temperature dropped early this morning to around 5 degrees. The sun was out, and it will be a fine day.

Part of my Easter photo shoot. This Camellia sasanqua has just come out (one month early) - Paradise Petite, sitting in my favourite glass bon bon dish, the rabbit is a combo salt and pepper shaker, and they are all sitting on my favourite melamine tray. I cracked the eggs myself on Good Friday night for a Salmon and cheese omelet (with Paprika, salt, olives, grated sweet potato)
It was very quiet for 8am on a Sunday. House silent. House silent. House silent. House silent. Raven on powerlines. House silent. House silent. Man walking excited Maltese cross dog. He made the dog sit whilst I passed but she continued to jump up and in all directions.

House silent. House silent. Flock of Spotted Turtle Doves. House silent. Woman shouting at husband to come speak to someone on the phone. House silent. House silent. No cars on road. Cat in the window - catching rays from sunshine. Big black and white cat with green eyes. Sound of split air conditioner outdoor unit running - one of two - suspect heater).

House silent. House silent. Garden with azaleas all out (in Autumn! - in fact everyones Azaleas seem to be out) crazy weather. House silent. Cat in the window catching rays from sunshine. Tabby with scratch of white on nose and yellow eyes. House silent.

House silent. House Silent. Lady at front tap filling up an upside-down water bottle (industrial sized) and using silver masking tape to seal something up. House silent. House silent.

Cat in window catching rays from sunshine - grey cat with blue green eyes. House silent. Mud Larks on power lines. House silent. Sound of hot water service refilling/reheating.

Heading towards home. House silent. A young couple packing things into their car in driveway. Boot open. Doors open. House silent. House silent. House silent. Puff.. pant.. Car starting up somewhere and driving off.

Home. Jiggedy jog.

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