Saturday, 5 April 2014

CSI Case File #117 - a blast - plus FIND NEDDY

This challenge at CSI really bought out some serious creativity from the team, and I think those that take the challenge will find that too. From the cogs/gears to the cool 'ransom' style lettering I just found it really mind boggling, and decided to go with a Steam Punk look! I've wanted to try that IRL and digitally but never found a challenge where I could incorporate it.

I added black to mine, and I got a really moody and interesting page, or at least, I think so. I think it's my fav page this year so far. The quote with the ransom style lettering is from the opening credits of Gone With The Wind.


'Time' - CSI Design Team #117
HERE IS NEDDY THE HORSE (in yellow outline):
NOW YOU SEE NEDDY THE HORSE! (sorry, a few folk couldn't see the horse so I have outlined him here!)

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