Saturday, 15 March 2014

Soul Art - how did I create it

So many people ask me how I do my digi pages. To be honest, it does kind of evolve and happen, but if you do want to see how I build up a page myself, then this is it! I'm using my page 'Soul Art' as the example.

Everything you see is a layer - a little saved window with an item or items grouped together in it. All the layers together add up to a page. Each layer you can change the transparency on so that some layers are see through, and others are solid.

Digi scrapping without set templates (you can buy templates were you just whack your pic into the page and everything else is already done. I don't use them - I like to create all my pages from scratch) is all about the layers. Which one sits above another one - just like on an IRL page. 

1. First I scan in some newspaper clippings
and cut / arrange them on the page (kind of
like I would for a page IRL

2. Then I use some of the brush effects in
the application (airbrush) to spray on some
yellow. (i've used two shades of yellow)
Pop a pic on, and setup some masking
in front and behind it.

3. I've popped on a page mask which adds
texture to the layout. Added a mask with the
spots, and the black flower outline. The green
is patterned paper that I have used the
Marque tool on (and Feather) to cut out
some pieces with a faint edge.

4. I've added some paint splotches to where I want
the 'hair' to be. I've also sprayed a bit of
blue on the left, and added a faint white
spray to lighten some areas to get a
more dramatic effect.

5. Then I get busy and add some roses,
violas and other flowers to the layout,
sit them over the purple paint splotches
and change their colour to match that purple.
I also use the software to transform the
flowers by mirroring and turning them,
and changing sizes slightly, so they
look like lots of different flowers,
even though there are only four
different flowers. Some flowers
are also darker than others to
create depth.
6. Then I add finishing touches; the
watch, the journaling text (made it up)
the title, and added a bit more colour to
the top of the page

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