Saturday, 25 May 2013

New name, new direction

I thought it was about time I changed my Blog name from ( I am blogger impaired ) to a name with my name in it and something about me. I have been using Seeking Rainbows as my Pinterest name, so I thought, hey, that sounds like a good name for Blogspot too - except that lots of options were already taken.

So I added my name in the front. I hope not too many people get lost!! I have gone back into my current comp sites and re-added the pages with the new link.

What do you think of my new page title? instead of


  1. I love the new happy name, Kylie!

  2. Thanks Debbi - at least you found your way!

  3. Kylie you have won Archiscraps this month.Can you please contact me on with your full name and address.Thank you.


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