Saturday, 27 April 2013

Stamping 2013 digi page

Another interest out of the closet so to speak! Yes, I collect stamps. Much more vigorously a few years ago, but yes, call my philatelist! (really Thematics) I started when I was a kid with packets and clubs that Mum and Dad signed us up to. My brother prefered cars and sports; but I loved animals, and anything that was a little quirky. Later on, in my working years (when I had money in the late 1980's) I used to buy horse, camellia and shark stamps from a lady in Canada via snail mail. She would send me colour page catalogues of what she had gotten a hold of and I'd order from that. Wow. See we did cope before the internet!

I just LOVED the photo of inspiration at Orange Papiere.

Orange Papiere inspiration - also needed to include stamping and punching
The difficult bit was making it look like I'd punched something (the hearts really didn't work how I thought they were going to) and I was stumped totally on the 'stamping' component as this clean-line layout just wasn't going to cope with a smudgey looking stamp. So I made my title 'stamping'. Yeah, I know, a bit sad really. I really must find out how to do that cut out look with Fireworks. I can do it no problem in Photoshop.

The pic in the middle of the Orange Papiere pic for April really reminded me of my Japanese camellia stamp, so that was how I got started.

2013 Stamping - for Orange Papiere April 2013 comp

Ingredients :
Prelestnaya Designs Because of You kit EL21 (white frame), American Crafts At Ready Set Go pp3 Around Town (wallpaper), Websters Pages Digital Fabric Buttons (2), Far Far Hills Freebies Kit Wooden Backgrounds 002 (floor), [Far Far Hill Bright Spring Time 0011 (blue tit birdie), 0021 (basket of herbs), 0042 (bunny)], [Far Far Hill Gentle Spring 0016 (roses in basket), 0019 (chair)], Far Far Hill Romantic Frames 008 (pink), ValC Fly With Me kit Arrow, fonts: Courier New, Arial Narrow, Arial Black


  1. Kylie this such a clever take on the challenge, love it! thank you for joining us at Orange Paperie
    Mary x

  2. PS I love the great story of your stamp collecting that the picture sparked for you

  3. You are such a clever scrapper, what you have come up with....awesome take on Mary's Challenge.
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun at OP&C
    Kim x

  4. I love the way you are always thinking outside the square. Love what you have done with this challenge Kylie, fantastic!!
    Thanks for joining in.

  5. An interesting and unique take on the challenge Kylie, well done. I like how you've included the stamp images. Thanks for playing.

  6. Fantastic take on the challenge, love how you have used the stamps to replicate the wall behind the chair, looks great, thanks for joining us x

  7. I think you have an extra compartment in your designing area of your brain's where all the unique, quirky stuff hangs out. You rocked this it :)

  8. thank you so much for your lovely comments - Helen - never thought about it like that! Thank u


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