Friday, 29 March 2013

blue vases 2013 digi page

I saw this 13arts Mar 2013 comp at The Color Room, and though I haven't visited there for a while, I was mesmermised by these colours. I thought, wow, I'd love to that. But its one thing to mix paints on a page... its a completely different thing to replicate it digitally. I flipped through dozens of patterned paper sheets, but nothing really inspired me. So I made my own using Photoshop and the paintbrushes and then a few "Wave" filters later I had what I was kind of thinking of. I also used blur a bit. i didn't quite get the texture I wanted (I really need to train myself in masks.. its a void in my skills) but I was happy with this.

My Mum has these Blue Vases currently. They used to sit either side of the mantlepiece in Nan and Pa's house for as long as I could remember. They came from Pa's side of the family (McKenzie). That's really all we know. Presume they were a wedding present at some stage, way back. they are glass (quite huge - about a foot and a bit tall) with enamel flowers hand painted on and quite raised on the surface.

Blue Vases 2013 - TCR 13Art march 2013 comp

Will come back later and pop in all the ingredients!

I also did this card using the same comp! I've made an agreement with myself that from now on, not only will I create a page for each comp, I'll also create a card using the same criteria.

A special card for a special person 2013 TCR 13@rts palette Frosted Life


  1. The perfect way to always have a card handy when you need it! My goodness you are a whizz at the digi now Kylie! Your page is gorgeous! Glad to have you drop by and join in again!

  2. Thank you so much Lydell - I still get a bit lost in TCR, but as this is a long weekend I thought I'd have a go at whatever comp I can find!

  3. Absolutely stunning Kylie!!! Thank You for joining us:)

  4. Hi Kylie you have won the prize from 13 arts for this page:):):):) Please contact me at: to claime the prize and send me your address:) Congrats :*:*:*


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