Saturday, 9 February 2013

The glow of love 2013 digi page (1942)

I'm lucky that my Auntie, Dad's sister, bought over one of the family photo albums one Christmas when I asked to see them, and allowed me to scan several pictures that I liked and hear tales of my Dad's childhood. Dad never spoke of his childhood when we were growing up. I didn't see a picture of his parents until I was in my 30's. His Mum died in his late teens and his Dad died in his early 20's. It was quite traumatic for him and his sister (who was 3 years older than Dad).

His parents owned and ran a tiny general store in the middle of a farming district near Horsham, Victoria, where they struggled to make an existance, and were totally reliant on the store to put food on their table. His parents loved their garden, and there are several lovely photos of them in the garden (for christmas photos to be sent back home to England for Dad's Dad's family).

This photo with Dad at age 2 with his Dad and his sister is one of my favourites. So I used the love of their garden (even Dad himself loved gardening - it was the main thing he had in common with my Mum), inspiration from a wedding flower magazine, and just one digi kit to make a page (see below). I seem to use components of this kit quite often, but rarely more than one or two components per page. So it was challenging to put it all on one page.

It's an odd thing - but my Mum has just the one brother, my Dad just the one sister, and I only have the one brother. Which reduces the number of cousins quite a bit, especially as Dad's sister never married.

I think the page is a little too digi for my liking - I prefer a page that looks like it was done in the traditional paperbased way but I am happy with it and it does show a happy time, and the explosion of flowers reminscient of garden lovers. I toned the photo with a slight purple cast to ground it better in the layout.

The Glow of Love digi page 2013
Ingredients: Feli Designs Lara's Digi World Inner Peace digital kit.

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