Monday, 14 January 2013

Three Little Goals 2013 digital layout

Three Little Goals 2013 digital page
For CSI #54 comp. These are my three goals for 2013. I'm pretty scared to have any goals at all, but I thought it was time. This is probably why the layout is a mix of dark and light!

INGREDIENTS: CSI Coordinates #54 sheet music, words patterned paper (cut letters from), teacup outline, CSI kit #11 chevron patterned paper, CSI kit #51 curls frame, Talua Moon – Sunset – paper 003 (black with white scroll work), Sweetly Scrapped black striped paper 8434600, PrelestnayaP Because of You P5 patterned paper (cream background), EL43 (bubble wrap), EL19 cream flower, CSI kit #13 spotty patterned paper (to create the spots in background), DB Designs Lovebirds no 12 patterned paper (leaves), butchers twine (scanned it myself – from ChipChopShop), Jasmine Olya Designs CU Rope Elements Vol 2 01 (square), 2.02 (circle), Laura Burger Time Travels material flower10, flower12 (crochet doiley), flower3, Lindsay Jane Color My World – Aqua - Aqua button, The Ettes Fayette Terlouw Time 4 Dreams Doodle swirl sticker, ticket – aqua, pinwheel-black, Sweetly Scrapped butterfly 4140339, bunting pink 550193 (recoloured using Fayette Happy Family Sunny Damask patterned paper), article from old newpaper from internet on New Years Resolutions

The Pretty Garden 2013 digital layout

This place full of interesting people has been special to me for over 12 months now, and that really helps when making a scrap page. I used CSI's comp #53. Did a bit of spray painting to get the right tone on the page. I'll be able to use it as a draft for later on - the garden needs a nicer sign to let adventurers know what birds / plants are in the garden, so I think maybe a three page spread should do it. I almost have all the birds / plants I need now.

The Pretty Garden 2013 digital layout

Link to challenge #53:

INGREDIENTS: CSI kit #53 – embossed patterned paper, ribbon tags, cupcake, ‘quiet’ tag, CSI kit #45 metal accent flower, CSI kit #50 lace, CSI kit #47 journal patch, Yalana Design Light Feelings no 94 (oval white paper doiley), Love Birds Dee Bee Designs elements – PaperScallop, PrelestnayaP Because of You – EL23 (swirl – changed to white), my photos of geraniums and hydrangeas from the Pretty Garden, my photo of Crimson Rosella, fonts: 2 Peas FancyFree, AL Playbook, Franklin Gothic, Book Antiqua, created in Adobe Fireworks (originally a Macromedia product).

Monday, 7 January 2013

one more day of freedom...

Well, not really. Just one more day of 'holidays' before going back to work - a job I love. I have done a few paintings this Christmas break. Just finishing another one now. I had a really great Xmas day and a brilliant time over at the coast. I even won $25 on a poker machine (the only time I ever play them is when I'm at the coast).

The garden survived being watered by someone else whilst I was away, so I guess I had better look after it now, instead of the 6 months of neglect it had endured. I have been weeding and cutting things back that should have been done in Spring.

Will post some pics of the paintings after this last one is squared away. Then I need to think 3D and do some of the items I have undercoated. Decisions, decisions.

It's darn hot here so far, but I'm managing by getting up very early. I even made two salads today to try and stretch me through, as its just too hot to cook anything!


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