Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Auntie & Uncle Who Aren't 2012 digital layout

My Auntie & Uncle Who Aren't 2012 (for CSI comp no 47)
I was going for old fashioned yet retro. Not sure if I got there. Another digital layout. These are special people in my life. I always feel welcome and a part of the family. I used "kraft" background to help balance out these lovely colours, and grabbed lots from the Co-ordinates pack! I really enjoyed doing the patchwork hearts - the patterned paper in the kit was all these tiny squares, so I went online to patchwork quilt sites and saw how they did hearts, and then 'cut out' my heart from the patterned paper.

Ingredients [CSI coordinates no 47 (birdie, hydrangea flower, outline leaves, red line frame, patterned paper hearts are 'cut' from, journal block (oval), journal block patch square], [CSI Coordinates 27- stitched cloud, squirrel], mesh (made it myself), Sweetly Scrapped flowers 8091652 (coloured blue), Yalana Design Light Feelings no 122 (crochet flower coloured red/white), my own scan of a ChipChopShop doiley (coloured brown), CSI Coordinates no 45 - buttons, my own poor effort drawing of a house, etc

CSI Flairs I got for this layout :

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