Sunday, 4 November 2012

digital scrapping?

I've been trying for weeks to scrap something, but just can't. And then, out of mere frustration, I took the CSI co-ordinate pack and screen grabbed bits out of it and took it into Adobe Fireworks and just started making something up out of it. I was inspired I think by the gorgeous moulded frames. That seemed to work.
Then I tried a layout using Photoshop - but I wasn't really happy with it, and it was darn difficult to do any texty, drop shadows, etc. But I thought, hey, looks like I'm on a roll here - but I don't have anything digital to use except for what is in the CSI co-ordinate kit. (which sometimes is lacking in flowers)
I found Pickberrypop online and saw their amazing digital kits, picked four, and then bought them online, downloaded them. WOW. Digital scrapping has come a long way since I last looked into it (about 3 years ago). I bought Always in my Heart, Love Birds (loved the patterned paper), Inner Peace, Light Feelings, Photo Textures 1.1, and Talula Moon Sunset.
I love using my imagination to use what I've got to fit whatever the comp is asking for. Fireworks really fits with how I like to work;
  • you splat everything in that you want to use
  • then you play with layers and sizes and flipping and rotating
  • you play with the colours (if you're using a comp palette or you just want to reduce the number of colours on the page)
  • then you make all the layers disappear and start at the bottom and turn each one on and place it where you want it, making a few extra bits here and there as required
  • you do the final touches (like text or shadows)
  • you export it out
My brain is just loving this. Course, it means writing off the whole weekend to be either in front of the computer, TV or painting (I also have a painting on the go).


Serenity - My first ever all digital layout I did in 2011 with a kit provided from The Color Room I think.

2012 stuck - my first digital layout this year using Fireworks and the CSI co-ordinates pack #43

mmm chocolates 2012 digital layout in Photoshop. Much more difficult to get it how I wanted it. Used CSI Co-ordinate pack #42.

My Home 2012 - digital layout in Fireworks. This is more like it! Used mainly the CSI Coordinate pack #44 as well as pieces from PickleBerryPop's Always in My Heart (yellow flowers/leaf outline), Light Feelings (crochet flower), Love Birds (leaf patterned paper), Inner Peace (white ribbon, swirl) (** GOT FEATURED AT CSI FOR THIS WEEK**)

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