Saturday, 20 October 2012

More ads....

Here are some more ads from recent magazines that keep catching my eye.
Lindeman's Sweet Seasons. This is beautiful, but does it really highlight the issue that this is light wine? With the cherry blossoms it looks more like a Spring release or some kind of Saki. There's even a sneaky little text box up in the left hand corner about moderation, which I didn't see until I scanned it!

Bottege Veneta. Don't know what it is, or what they're selling. It could be floor boards, clothing, or bags, but there's something about the tortured poses that the photographer has set to make this couple fit into a triangle and make this one of the most unnatural but interesting photos ever...

Purina puppy food. I haven't seen these kinds of adds since the early 1990s - a third of a page, and then on the next double spread, the full add. This one is very cutesy.

Purina kitten food. Another one (in the same magazine!), but this one, although just as cutesy and beautiful, makes it look like the kitten is on some kind of drug as they've adjusted its eyes (or at least I think they have?)

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