Sunday, 9 September 2012

welcome to the bird house

Other than making a bird house from the Better Homes & Garden magazine (they used a beer box - I used a match box) I really haven't done anything creative for a while now.
I am using one of my A1 colour in pages to pass the time, a bit of Midsomer Murders, a bit of Time Team, a bit of computer games, and a bit of housework.
I don't really feel like doing anything much at all, except work, which I am enjoying.
When I have the energy I will take pic of my bird house and post. I have to make the bird as yet.
I keep printing out scrap comps but the scrap table is idle and nothing is happening there.
a bit of retail therapy; but even these haven't sparked me back to the scrap table

My matchbox bird house using methods from Better Homes & Gardens (who used a beer box)

my A2 colouring in sheet - this was where I got up to in 2011

this is where I am up to now. Still an age to go, but at least I'm doing something artistic.

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