Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Different 2012

For CSI Case File # 29 : I loved the colours and pic of this case file, but had no idea how it was all going to come together. I twisted strips of paper that I had glimmermisted different colours on each side inspired by the straws in the challenge pic. I made the yellow background with glimmermist, and the pink/white background with paint scraped and a bit of shadow misting on top.
I really love trying out new things on my pages and things I come up with myself. If I ask 'I wonder if I can do that..?" then I'll usually give it a go and see!
The corrugated card reminded me of the old tin rooves of sheds out in the paddocks, and I used the butterflies to show how I felt. I was really happy with the white background, which just seemed to come together on its own. I dragged paint across the white cardstock with a piece of credit card sized card. I know there's not alot of work in this layout, but I felt mojoless at the time, so I'm quite happy with it now.
This pic of me is an older one. When I'm really sad or down I take a series of pics with forced smiles, and then later, for scrapping, I can use these pics on layouts, so it kind of makes a good thing come out of a bad one. I can't explain it any better than that, but its really hard to get those smiling pics - I usually get two out of a series of like 15 shots.

Different 2012

got this at CSI for the twisted paper on this layout!

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