Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kitty Power 2011

I painted this tiny wee kitty before going away for xmas hols and then varnished it when I got back.
I finally found a varnish that won't affect the paint. This kitty is very small and it was very challenging, particularly in the face, to get it how I wanted it with my old small brush. I bought new brushes when I got back. yay. Yellow seems to be my colour for "power" or "powerful" but it always feels so small and comes and goes very quickly. I was disappointed when re-visiting the store at the coast where I got the kitties - they no longer stock them! Darn it. I really enjoyed painting these.

Kitty Power 2011.. aww.. isn't it cute?

Kitty Power compared to size of Kitty Hope. Much much smaller!

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