Thursday, 26 January 2012

good gourd no 1

I have been working on painting this gourd that I was given - it is shaped like a genie bottle. After doing the kitties I really want to do more 3D objects. These are Potoroos.
It is for a special lady who loves Potoroos. I am really enjoying working on it and putting as much detail as I can into it.
I'm not finished yet... but you can kind of get the idea...
It's a start - started in the middle with the potoroos. cute little blighters..

The workbench (dining room table) with the gourd and my paints!

A little further on, just putting more sealant on the bottom. It wasn't white enough to keep painting.
Finished the stretch under the potoroos - their food groups - anthropods, truffles, tubers and seeds.

Bottom section complete.

The bottom represents nature; spider webs and flowers and earth.

Only the little top bit to go. The Dining Room table is still a painting easel.
Good Gourd No 1 after first varnish coating. It doesn't look like a gourd anymore! April 2012

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