Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nature Sings 2011 RDA

This is my layout for The Color Room #77 - palette and sketch. I love this palette. The burgundy pink is scrumptious. I'm really enjoying the palettes as a Relvolving Door Artist.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

transcendental 2011

For Scrap That Song (Book of Love by Peter Gabriel) for making me look up this word in the dictionary, and Sept Sketch The Boxx. Got this cool 6x6 pad online in yellows an greys and just had to use it immediately. Not well today, but it doesn't matter - got this page done! I thought the songs for this month were really hard for me - mainly I think because I knew them all quite well.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Smile 2011 (1940's style)

Used The Color Room Palette #76 but it kind of came out funny (?) Pink, orange, green and blue are there, but the black seems to overpower them a bit. Also Revolving Door Arist for TCR for 4 weeks - but having some trouble connecting it all up. Darn my lack of Bloggness!!

This is my Dad and his sister in the 1940's. Photos were very rare for them - only at Christmas and only 8 shots I think each year!! (unless very rare occasion (once I think) of family holiday). My Nonna and Pop died when Dad was in his teens and early twenties, so I have no memories of them. They ran a small general store in the middle of a farm belt out in the middle of nowhere (was then, still is). There are very few pictures of my Nonna - she didn't like her double chin to show so all her pics look quite stern with her head held up high.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Camera Shy 2011

I was so frustrated throughout this layout (4 weeks in the making! Unheard of for me!). It just dragged and dragged. The Scrapville Sketch (Aug/Sept) was difficult, but I'm sure it was just my mojoless mood that was making something normally enjoyable like a train wreck. Used The Color Room Palette #73 - I love these colours together, but couldn't rub two sticks together to use more modern paper - so just used these left overs. It's not what I'd call a brilliant page, but it feels good just to get the thing DONE and OFF my scrap table! Of course, it goes to the Scrapville store for 4 weeks now with the other entries. Goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Even though I'm mojoless, I can still turn out a Digital Layout (my first ever). It just doesn't make sense!!! This was for the Color Room #75. There were so many bits in the kit I just had to cut it down a bit. I did a 70th birthday book for my Auntie a few years ago, and got alot of pics from her friends of when she was young/younger. This is one of my favourites - and it seemed to match the palette.

Still mojoless

I'm trying very hard this weekend to get back into the zone, but although I am getting alot of chores and things done, I am still not getting "a lot" done in scrapping. I have finished one page earlier on in the week which I am REALLY happy with but I can't display it as yet as it is for a comp where I am a guest artist, and it hasn't come up yet. Darn it. But at the same time, its not what I expected and doesn't even look like it meets the criteria, but I have checked it again and again, and it does. It will just look out of place. :(
The other page on the go is a slow, drawn out process.
I've also started a decorated tin inspired by Kerri at the Boxx. (with ribbons)
It sounds like I'm doing alot.. but not really.
I also received a special order in the mail. Once I year I order a goodie bag of Prima (and other) special flowers which last me the whole year and beyond. It's something I don't see much of locally or at my regular scrap store haunts. Just a bit of bling really...


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